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Liaison Customer Representative

Our representatives have established professional working relations with the manufacturers’ personnel. An environment exists where trust and credibility are promoted and shared with the supplier.

PPG’s on-site representation not only allows you to more effectively service your customers, but it drastically off-sets the high costs associated to meeting the demands imposed on suppliers by manufacturers.

• Support for new programs and platforms.
• Quality support at your product’s point of use.
• Daily interaction with plant quality, reliability, supervisory, and line personnel.
• Address customer concerns before they become quality issues.
• 24/7 support allows immediate response to quality concerns.
• Optimize time and effectiveness of factory quality liaisons.


• Complete quality support can be provided by PPG’s Operations Team at all customer locations.
• Coordinate, assist and report on Part Trial Runs, engineering changes, and PPAPs.
• Monitor, negotiate and coordinate scrap claims and their disposition.
• On-site investigation and fault analysis of non-conforming material.