Through Our Services We Provide an Immediate Response to Help You Achieve Operational Excellence


Our consulting division is action driven by experienced OEM and Tier I veterans. They give clients 360˚ clarity as they effectively identify, understand, and solve difficult projects and urgent crises. Companies trust our team to deliver sustainable operational improvement.

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AI Data Analytics

Our AI data technology integrates your manufacturing data into our proprietary Nexus™ analytics that gives you 360˚ data awareness. Our solution provides a complete one-stop-solution to predict anomaly detection, maintenance requirements, and operational efficiencies.

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Quality Services

When quality issues arise, you have very little time to address the issues before they affect your customer.

In most cases, when your customer is affected with non-conforming material, several measures must be taken to protect them from any further disruption to their operation. This can ultimately prove to be extremely costly and cumbersome to your operation.

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Talent 360˚

Our Talent 360˚™ division connects companies to the best talent from around the world. We combine a total client centric approach with our state-of-the-art recruiting system.  Talent 360˚™ combines a 50 state coverage with proprietary AI technology which lets us deliver more-better-faster. Our team and technology find talent that delivers. From blue collar to technical and executive talent we recognize that people are the key.

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Technology &


Preferred Precision Group is also a technology company leading in new innovations in real-time data access, process improvements, AR technology, and enhanced training. Our proprietary intelligent FactoryFlow dashboard delivers unrivaled data awareness and root cause analysis through a blend of AR and AI technology. Our goal is to continue our role as the #1 innovation company in the manufacturing services arena.

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