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Preferred Precision Group

1310 Comer Ave, Pell City, AL 35125

Keith Pressley

tel: 256-404-0109
email: keith@ppgquality.com

Frank Tucker

VP of Operations
tel: 205-753-9434
email: ftucker@ppgquality.com

Christopher Glymph

Quality Service General Manager
tel: 678-262-6946
email: cglymph@ppgquality.com

Alicia Harris

Corporate Manager
tel: 205-753-9294
email: alicia@ppgquality.com

Ervin Maddox

SE District Manager 
tel: 205-753-1410
email: emaddox@ppgquality.com

Dawn Muncher

Accounting Manager 
tel: 205-338-4148
email: dmuncher@ppgquality.com

Jim Plecker

VP of 3PL Services 
tel: 205-753-7854
email: jplecker@ppgquality.com

Marina Stump

Process Development Coordinator 
tel: 706-968-0743
email: mstump@ppgquality.com

Drew Walston

Staffing Manager/Recruiter 
tel: 334-603-4805
email: rrobinson@ppgquality.com

Alesha Valdez

NE District Manager 
tel: 616-499-5910
email: avaldez@ppgquality.com

Derek Robinson

NW District Manager 
tel: 815-566-0820
email: drobinson@ppgquality.com

Terry Posey

ISO / TS Champion
tel: 256-453-1060
email: tech@ppgquality.com

Brittani Clevland

Customer Service
tel: 205-338-4148
email: bclevland@ppgquality.com

Latarsha Chapman

Continual Improvement Manager
tel: 205-338-4148
email: lchapman@ppgquality.com

Ashley Wilson

Accounts Receivable
tel: 205-338-4148
email: awilson@ppgquality.com

Tam Oliver

ISO Controller Specialist
tel: 205-338-4148
email: toliver@ppgquality.com

Bruce Keen

Northern Region Sales Manager
tel: 616-734-9762
email: bkeen@ppgquality.com

Leigh Ricketts

Southern Region Sales Manager
tel: 205-910-9719
email: lricketts@ppgquality.com