“What people are saying…”

The differences that we’ve seen with PPG verses other inspection companies is the work instructions are meticulously reviewed by PPG staff and in good cooperation with the customer. Also, the professionalism of the inspectors is a good reflection of the management. The inspectors are well mannered, focused, and adhere to policies and work instructions. Lastly, inspection results are quickly provided with ease of access to statistical data, invoices, and give the customer a good grasp of all inspection activity. For off-site inspection, I would recommend Preferred Precision Group to any company in need of quality containment and certification. Their initiative and professionalism sets them apart from the available source of inspection companies. Robert H.

Quality Manager

“Myself, as well as the Management, has been more impressed with PPG than any other quality inspection group that we have had service us in the past. PPG is self-managed with constant management and supervision in place to ensure customer satisfaction with every aspect of their business. All of their inspectors are uniformed with black pants, black polo shirts and dress extremely professional. Their web based portal is extremely well defined with data per shift; we do not have to ask for data or reports because all data is sent at the end of each shift and is consistent with their findings. I would recommend Preferred Precision Group to any automotive supplier in the need of a professional, data driven third-party Inspection Company.” Billy B.

Quality Assurance Sr. Manager

“The level of professionalism and detailed information provided by PPG during the sorting process is exceptional and leaves their customer with few, if any, questions about their activities and their findings; reporting by PPG is second to none. Also, the commitment by PPG to ensuring adequate training of their personnel to be able to accomplish the tasks required is beyond reproach.

Personally, I can recommend Preferred Precision Group to any firm that is in the market for quality containment and certification.”

James M.

Quality Manager

“The steps that PPG takes to ensure their employees’ understanding of the issues and the steps to be taken are exceptional. Each employee receives training and the training is documented for full understanding and accountability. I have employed several third-party sorting/containment companies over the years; never have I seen such a commitment to customer service as that which is the norm for PPG. Personally and professionally, my recommendation for any supplier that finds themselves in the unfortunate position to require the services of a third-party containment would be Preferred Precision Group.”

Donna M.

Quality Manager

“Preferred Precision Group has been our on-site containment service provider for three years, in that time, PPG and their management team are very courteous and provide great customer service. They react to any problems quickly and professionally. They have been very dependable and I would recommend them to anyone in need of containment services.” Nathan H.

Quality Engineer

“I have many customers in the tristate area and there are times that I cannot be in two places at once.  PPG has stepped up to support me and my company every time.  I trust their inspectors to do as good a job as my representation. Also, their reporting software and portal is exactly what we need for documentation in every instance.” Diane D.

Quality Engineer

“I have been impressed with their commitment to training, documentation, and willingness to provide valuable insight into the problem solving process. I look forward to our continued partnership, and highly recommend Preferred Precision Group (PPG) for manufacturing and certification activities to others.” Robert W.

Quality Engineer

“I have worked with the team at Preferred Precision Group for the last two years. They have provided my three facilities with temporary labor and have always been responsive to our shifting needs. Not only has their service been competitively priced but they have worked hard to differentiate themselves in the temporary labor market.” Michael A.

Plant Manager

“I am very impressed with how timely PPG is available to start, train and audit their employees for any project that they have worked on.  Their workers are very quality oriented and professional.  PPG also is very diligent in providing supporting data for their certification projects. I would highly recommend Preferred Precision Group for any certification activity for any other company that needs this service.”

Norm F.

Sr. Supplier Quality Engineer

“The response time of PPG’s data is impressive to say the least. The data is entered into their system within two hours after the end of each shift and is emailed to all that are specified to receive the information.  We are able to view our onsite data immediately per the structure of the system that their inspectors use at the inspection areas. With real time visual tracking on dry erase boards our supervisors and managers can get a true pulse on what needs to happen immediately according to what is being found in the inspection process, we can conduct a Root Cause Analysis much easier with these processes in place. When we approach PPG’s inspectors, we feel as if we are amongst a high caliber team, from the uniformity in dress code and professionalism of the group all the way to the  simple things such as 5S being implemented and maintained, up to upper level management visiting our facility frequently to ensure customer satisfaction. We highly recommend the use of PPG at any facility that would appreciate the professionalism and integrity of a quality service provider.” Richard F.

Plant Manager

“Preferred Precision Group is very responsive and timely to ourneeds. Very precise work time and methods were imposed on PPG; these requirements were met with zero difficulty. PPG’s quality of work and professionalism is much higher than most all sorting companies used by us in the past as well as the data reporting structure to both us and our customer. Both parties were more than satisfied upon completion of PPG’s services. Personally, I would recommend Preferred Precision Group to any company in need of quality containment and certification due to their honest, accurate and high quality services.”

Steven B.

Assistant Quality Manager

“It would be safe to say that I would recommend & certainly retain the services of Preferred Precision Group (PPG) over any other companies in that area should I need their services at any point in the future. I would strongly recommend, as a 25 year veteran of the Automotive Industry, that you do the same.”

Jackie B.

Quality Manager

“PPG’s exceptional performance has been recognized by our customer. They have contacted me to request contact information for PPG to forward to other suppliers in need of a strong, professional group for containment, rework, and certification of product. We look forward to our continued partnership and highly recommend Preferred Precision Group (PPG) certification and rework activities to other manufacturing companies.” Denise S.

Quality Engineer

“The PPG team is a self-managed outfit that frees up our supervisors and managers to utilize their time where it is needed most. They have also provided us with Liaison services inside OEM’s. Along with their normal supervisors and managers the upper management of PPG including the President and the Operations Manager have both been heavily involved with getting all of our needs taken care of. I have 25 plus years’ experience inside OEMS in Quality Management positions and have dealt with many quality service providers in the past and I would have to say that Preferred Precision Group surpasses most, if not all other quality service providers I have been affiliated with in the past.” Robert R.

Quality Manager

“I am most impressed with the quality of the work force that PPG utilizes. Their employees show up properly attired and with complete understanding of the quality work task required to be performed. The last project performed by their personnel was started in a very short time frame and the inspectors were able to hit the floor running. Finally, I must state that the data supplied by PPG’s personnel for the certification operation is very precise and easily usable to help identify the area causing the issue for our customer. I would use Preferred Precision Group, without any hesitation, for any certification activity and would recommend them to any other company in need of this service.” Richard C.

Quality Manager

“PPG’s services have been very impressive with availability to get started, training, documentation and tracking to ensure all variables are covered. Their employees are well mannered and take a partnership approach to their clients. I look forward to continuing the partnership and building a lasting relationship with their company when their services are needed. I would highly recommend Preferred Precision Group for any certification activity to my suppliers to improve their process.” Marbu N.

Advanced Quality Engineer